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Топик на английском Cinema (Кино)

In England the cinema is usually called 'the pictures'. The American name, 'the movies', is sometimes used. The performance, or 'show', as it is called, begins about two o'clock in the afternoon, and goes on until about half past ten. There are usually one main film, a shorter one, a news film, some advertisements and a 'trailer' telling about the film for the next week. A person may enter at any moment in the programme and stay as long as he likes.
Cinema-going is a favourite pastime in Britain. People go to the pictures once or twice a week. Cinema-going is more popular in industrial towns in the North of England and Scotland than in the-South.

However, especially if it is cold and wet outside, many people, like to stay at home to watch TV.

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Cinemas in England are usually large and more comfortable than the theatres. Often there is a restaurant, so that it is possible to spend an afternoon and evening there (if you have enough money, of course). Behind the cinema screen there is a stage, so that the building can be used for concerts and other performances. In some towns in Britain the cinemas are closed on Sundays. Brit Ml i inem a-goers see mainly English and American films, though many of foreign films are often shown in London and in the South of the country.

Young cinema-goers enjoy historical films, films about other coun-liics, crime stories and comedies. Children enjoy 'cowboy' films, or 'westerns', as they are called, but when they grow older they do not enjoy them so much because they find that they are all very much alike.


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