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Топик на английском Your Hobbies (Твои хобби)

The word hobby has become very popular and clear to everybody. Nobody seems to be without a hobby nowadays.

A hobby is not only philately or coins. Look up the word hobby in a dictionary. One meaning you will find is 'a favourite pursuit', so, if you like to swim both in summer and winter, your favourite pursuit, your hobby, will be swimming.

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If someone asked each one of you to name your favourite sport-or game, there would be many different answers. They would be athletics, tennis, rowing, hockey, football, swimming, basket-ball. You could go on and on, couldn't you?

And then, suppose you were asked if you preferred to play team games or individual games. Naturally, the answers would be quite different. Do you agree that during school years team games are more pleasant? Besides muscles and quick thinking they develop character, self-control, unselfishness, etc.

Whether you shine at a game is not important; whether you take part in it matters a lot. Remember always'that the unselfish players are usually the most valuable members of any team. Always remember that you are playing for your school, not yourself; with a team, not alone.


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