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Топик на английском About My Friend (Мой друг)

People say that I'm a sociable person. It's true. I make friends easily and have a lot of acquaintances. But if I had to choose among all my friends I would prefer Dan. He is the most honest and responsible guy I've ever known. I'm sure that I can rely on him in any situation.

We got acquainted at the meeting of our chess-club two years ago and soon became close friends. We have much in common apart from our hobby, I'm fond of jazz and so is Dan. We both like poetry and, theatre, walking in the forest and boating.

Dan is very gifted for music and plays the piano and the guitar very well. He has made up his mind to become a musician and dreams of the career of a pianist.

We spend a lot of time together and talk for hours about all sorts of things: art, politics, love, family relations. We often discuss films and books. Dan starts an argument every time we speak about human character. He seldom agrees with my judgments of people's behaviour. I should say that I'm more tolerant than Dan. He is too frank and it's not always good of him to tell people what he thinks about them. As for me I quite often feel offended by his words but Dan tries his best to reconcile as soon as possible. I can forgive him easily as I know that he never really means any offence.

Dan never breaks his word and is ready to help me whenever I have difficulties. Once we were going to have a term test on maths. 1 was sure that I would fail as I wasn't good at the subject. Dan knew that I was afraid to get a bad mark. He spent long hours helping me to get prepared for the test. I was grateful to him for that. I knew how much he disliked maths though he was quite good at it.

I hope that we'll remain friends with Dan even if we have to take different roads and part.

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