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Топик на английском Russia (Россия)

Russia occupies a large territory. It stretches almost 10,000 (ten thousand) kilometres from east to west and nearly 5,000 (five thousand) kilometres from north to south. Its population is 150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty) million people.

From spring till autumn the sun never sets over Russia: in Kaliningrad people see it sitting in the Baltic, while in Kamchatka it rises out of the Pacific Ocean at the same time. People in our country see the New Year eleven times in one night.

If you begin to travel in the Far East by air and fly 8,000 (eight thousand) kilometres towards the west, you will land in Moscow on the same hour same day that you left the Far East.

It is a wonderful sight you see our country from the plane. One can hardly imagine a country more interesting to travellers when Russia.
Siberia covers millions of square kilometres. You fly over mountain, endless forests, large and small rivers, railways, motorways. You leave behind the lights of young and small towns, plants and factories. Siberia is a region of untold riches. Father West are the Ural Mountains the border between Asia and Europe. The Urals are rich in different minerals.

Подпишитесь на ленту новостейThe country's European part covers the territory from Urals to the Baltic Sea. The largest cities of the Russia are situated between the Black Sea in the south and the Black Sea in the north. There are no other countries in which the climate differs so much from one part to another. When it is still winter in the northern regions of our country the first warm days arrive in the south. In the central regions snow storms and cold are still in power, while in the south people begin to think of spring crops. In the same season nature looks different in different parts of our country. Russia is rich in oil, coal, iron, gold, silver and other minerals.

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